´╗┐Consumer Email Broadcast Program

´╗┐EMarketing is pleased to offer a consumer direct email marketing program to a qualified database. All contacts are opt in subscribers from various lead generation (newsletter signup, brochure request, quote request, sweepstakes entry, etc) campaigns for experiential travel brands (Cruises, Tour Operators and Resorts).
The Numbers:
Database Counts

Total Database = 500,000
Recent engagers in last 2 weeks = 360,489

Average Demographics

Gender: 66% Women, 34% Men
Age: 17% 45-55, 55% 55-64, 28% 65+
Relationship Status: 70% Married, 20% Single, 10% Other
Education: 65% College, 21% High School, 14% Grad School
Geography: Higher than average concentrations in Florida, Arizona, New York, Washington, Minnesota, and Arizona
Home Ownership: 87% Owner, 13% Renter