Travel Agent Friendly Consumer Email Broadcasts

eMarketing has established a marketing partnership with ITAMS, the developers of ClientEase and MarketEaseOnline travel agent CRM programs. Approximately 9,000 travel agents use their programs and generate in excess of $42 Million in annual sales. Their programs are very popular with home-based agents.

Working with ITAMS, we have created a travel agent friendly email marketing program called the Agent Profit Generator (APG).

The APG program allows travel suppliers to deliver their promotions, via email, directly to participating consumer addresses provided by travel agents participating in the program. The travel agents have provided over 1.3 million addresses that will receive these promotions. The promotional emails are delivered in an agent branded format with the travel agent who provided the address being the call to action for the offer. All direct supplier contact information is deleted from the promotion.

The program is also endorsed by the Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Association a leading niche trade association. This endorsement will add approximately 600,000 travel agent clients who will receive supplier promotions.