Agent Friendly Client Marketing Program - Features

ACMP (Agent Client Marketing Program) is a program that allows suppliers to increase their travel agent sales by delivering their promotions directly to over 1.6 million qualified prospects and clients.

Travel Supplier Features:

  • Your promotion is emailed directly to 1.6 million travel agents’ prospects and clients
  • Reaches brides and newlyweds in the lucrative Romance Travel niche
  • Reaches consumers searching to book cruises, tours, destinations, and properties
  • You don’t rely on the agent forwarding your promotion to their prospects
  • You support the travel agents by getting your promotion in the hands of their prospects
  • Travel agents fulfill all inquiries and bookings resulting from your promotions
  • Travel agents contact you directly for sales support and bookings

Travel Supplier Benefits:

  • An affordable, travel agent supportive, sales tool
  • Individual promotion broadcast or shared eNewsletter format
  • Increase sales by directly reaching the prospective buyer
  • Proven to increase sales by up to 30% from a single promotion distribution
  • No additional sales support required

Travel Agent Benefits:

  • Automatic marketing of promotions to their client and prospect email databases
  • No direct supplier contact information displayed to their contacts
  • Fulfillment of all bookings generated by the promotion
  • Increased sales with no additional marketing costs