Agent Friendly Client Marketing Program

ITAMS has developed a proprietary software tool that allows all agents using their CRM systems to distribute supplier promotions via email directly to their clients. To help the agents with their marketing efforts, they can participate in an automated program that delivers supplier promotions directly to their prospect lists on their behalf.

ITAMS is the developer of ClientEase and MarketEaseOnline travel agent CRM systems. Presently, they have approximately 9,000 travel agents using their CRM systems. These agents maintain client and prospect email databases of over 1.3 million addresses.

eMarketing Solutions Group, a leading travel industry software development and marketing company, will be coordinating all sales and marketing activities for the new programs.

ACMP is endorsed by the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists Association (DWHSA), the industry’s premiere Romance Travel association. DWHSA has approximately 1,000 travel agent members with email databases totaling over 600,000 prospects and clients.

The promotions are delivered with the agent’s branding and the call to action going directly back to the agent. All direct supplier contact information has been removed from the promotions.