Travel Agents - eMail List

e-Marketing recognizes the importance of our travel agent partners to our success. Your willingness to receive our clients' promotional broadcasts in your e-mail box is a privilege we take very seriously. To maintain the effectiveness of the media and provide the travel agent community with a useful information source, we have adopted the following guidelines.

  1. You will always be able to remove your name from our list at any time.
  2. We will limit the number of messages we broadcast.
  3. We will only send messages that are relevant to your business
  4. The service will always be free to travel agents.
  5. We will always identify our messages by including emktg: in the Subject line.
  6. We will never send attachments with our messages to avoid possible viruses.

e-Marketing's growth over the past year is primarily due to the valuable feedback we have received from travel agents about this program. Your suggestions are taken seriously and many of your requests are forwarded to our clients to help them prepare their e-mail messages. e-Mail is an interactive media and we will be adding a number of new features to help both agents and suppliers take full advantage of these programs.